Why things hurt

Watch this great TEDx on how our bodies work and why things hurt.    

Understanding pain

The following video will help you understand how the body works and processes pain.

Sit stand tables – good for us or just a fad?

Sit stand tables are becoming increasingly popular in the office environment. Greater amount of model types are entering the market, all proclaiming to have outstanding benefits; but are they actually good for us? Do sit stand tables help to relieve pain? And is sitting the new smoking? In this article, we will answer those questions. Firstly, is sitting bad for us? In short, long periods of uninterrupted sitting is not good for our general health. More research is starting to show tha...

Post Ironman Racing – Making sure you recover well

Soccer injuries

Soccer is a dynamic sport which involves repetitive twisting, pivoting, jumping and running. Due to this, it creates a wide variety of injuries which are prevalent in both the professional and amateur scene. Injuries are most common in the lower limb with knee, ankle and soft tissue injuries most common. Here Bodysmart Physiotherapist Matt Fulco outlines the four most common injuries seen in soccer, and their prospective management strategies: 1. Ankle ligament sprain The anterior-talo fibu...

Pilates Benefits for Office Workers