Health Assessments

Health Assessments

Workplace Health Checks / Health Screening for Your Workplace

Workplace health assessments, investigate a range of metrics to identify health risks that may affect an employee’s well-being and productivity. Bodysmart has a range of standard packages, or can customise our health assessments to suit your requirements. The suite of metrics used in our corporate health assessments can be altered to achieve your organisation’s requirements.

Why choose Bodysmart for your Health Assessments?

  • Performed by qualified and experienced physiotherapists
  • Online booking system to schedule checkups and reduce administration for your workplace
  • We come to you – all sessions are conducted at your site, in your environment
  • Individual reports issued to staff detailing assessment findings
  • Company level reports identify common health risk categories to enable well-targeted solutions to be implemented, thus optimising the return on their investment in employee health
  • CBD based consulting rooms allowing for easy follow-up


What are the key benefits of Health Assessments for your company?

  • Identify staff in the high risk category of common lifestyle health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stress, and therefore reduce absenteeism
  • Obtain a return of investment of up to $5 for every $1 spent
  • Create a healthier workplace culture
  • Grow awareness among employees of their direct and personal responsibility for their own health
  • Identify staff preference to prospective health interventions to enable you to offer a more customised wellness program
  • Enable cost effective intervention options that are tailored to the needs of employees
  • Improve productivity through enhancing the health of your workforce
  • Become recognised as an employer of choice – allowing you to employ the best staff and retain them

What are the key benefits of Workplace Health Checks for Staff?

  • Enhance the convenience of essential health services and improve health and well-being
  • Assist staff to identify whether they are in the high risk category for common lifestyle health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stress
  • Allow staff to compare their health to population norms

Workplace Health Assessment Programs

Our common health assessment options include our Healthy Heart, Diabetes, and Flexibility & Strength checkups. Workplace health checks provide baseline data that will not only provide feedback on employee health, but will allow health programs to be implemented safely and effectively.

Assessment Type Time required Assessment Composition Summary
Online Health and Lifestyle Evaluation 15mins This evaluation identifies baseline health knowledge, habits, lifestyle and genetic risk factors.  Results can be analysed at an individual level and combined with Wellbody Heart Check, or at a group level to identify workplace trends and guide workplace health interventions.
Wellbody Heart Health Risk Assessment 20-30mins An assessment that combines a 1:1 evaluation of blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, weight, BMI, Body fat % with a lifestyle questionnaire to give a classification of heart health.
Wellbody Plus Health Check  45-60mins A comprehensive physical evaluation that adds other physiological metrics in addition to an assessment of fitness, flexibility and abdominal strength.
Diabetes Check  10mins A convenient 10-minute assessment of an employee’s risk factors associated with diabetes. The assessment includes an assessment of blood glucose, body mass index (BMI) and waist measurements to form a reliable evaluation of risk.


To find out more about our standard health screening or to customise your own workplace health checks contact us  or call  us 9481 8708.