Ergonomic Consultancy Perth

Ergonomic Consultancy Perth

In addition to Office Workstation Assessments, Bodysmart provides the following services:

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Ergonomic review of a proposed fit-out
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Fitting out your office and want to make the right decisions from the beginning? Speak to Bodysmart about Ergonomic office fit-out consultancy services. We offer a range of services from Ergonomic consultancy through to supply of ergonomic equipment such as ergonomic task seating and electric sit-stand desks. The consideration of human design elements into furniture selection will not only reduce avoidable injury and prospective liability, it will optimise worker comfort and office productivity.

Bodysmart performs thousands of ergonomic workstation assessments each year across the state, so we have a lot of experience in knowing what equipment may lead to discomfort / workplace injuries, as well as what ergonomic equipment will enhance comfort / reduce injury risk. Unfortunately, clients often engage our services after their fit-out, i.e. we are often called out to complete ergonomic workstation assessments only to find that the office equipment looks great, but does not cater to the comfort and adjustment requirements of staff. We help you to make the right decisions and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Common office fit-out mistakes we see

  • Installing fixed height desks with a chair that does not raise sufficiently (chair gas lift error)
  • Purchasing over priced “ergonomic” chairs with few adjustment features, minimal functionality or comfort
  • Installing sit-stand desks that adjust through a reduced range or require a technician to adjust them
  • Installing storage that reduces desk adjustment range

How does it work?

  1. One of our senior consultants will clarify the project scope, customised to your service needs
  2. Our consultants attend required meetings and assist with shortlisting of equipment
  3. Our consultants perform the evaluations required and submit requested evaluation reports
  4. Our consultants can suggest alternative products that have been previously evaluated that may better suit your needs
  5. We can perform ergonomic assessments once the fit-out has been completed and staff have moved into the new work space

Bodysmart ergonomic consultants will work with project managers, architects, interior designers, suppliers and directly with the company to ensure equipment purchased as part of refurbishment projects caters for the diverse mix of staff and their specific task requirements.

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Recent Clients – Office fit-out and refurbishment projects

Bodysmart has been involved in small and large commercial fit-out / refurbishment projects.  Some of our larger office refurbishment projects include Woodside Energy, Rio Tinto, Frasers Property, Leighton Contractors and Aurecom.

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Ergonomic Evaluation of Office Furniture

Our ergonomic consultants can evaluate your proposed ergonomic equipment to ensure that it will meet the needs of your team. We regularly evaluate task chairs, desks and monitor arms on behalf of our clients. Our Perth CBD based consultants will ensure that your equipment budget is used to procure the best equipment to your price point.

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General Ergonomic Consulting

Our Perth CBD based consultants can assist with general ergonomic consultancy services including but not limited to:

  • Evaluate training rooms
  • Perform risk assessments at your site
  • Recommend seating / fit an individual for a new chair
  • Perform ergonomic equipment training for your in-house staff
  • Provide advice on ergonomic equipment

Make the right decisions – contact the “A” team today on (08) 9481 8708 or

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