Physio BikeFit

Physio BikeFit

Do you love cycling? Have you fallen out of love with cycling? Or perhaps you just want your bike to do what it’s told and get you to work and back? Our bike-fitting Physio Anthony loves cycling as much as the long macchiato at the end of a river loop ride, and he wants to help you too! 

So whether you are a commuter, a group ride leader (or maybe you’re really a domestique), a triathlete who just wants more aero, or if you’re in the market for a new bike and you want to make sure you get something that fits you properly… we can help with a Bodysmart Physio Bikefit!  



Having a specially trained and qualified Physiotherapist perform your bikefit gives you a distinct advantage. Physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and exercise. So not only will you benefit from the most up-to-date bike-specific research regarding aerodynamics, how to maximise power output, optimum joint angles; but this knowledge is blended with the experience and care of a musculo-skeletal health professional. 

If you get sore after a long day in the saddle, many of the issues you may experience whilst riding are areas that we help people with on a daily basis. Our bike-fitting Physio can help you with everything from bikefit adjustments to exercise programme prescription, to manual therapy treatment and more. Our Physio Bikefit goes above and beyond the standard measurements and data points (which are still useful markers) to provide a truly comprehensive Physio assessment of you on your beloved ‘steed’. 

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Whether it’s pain, performance or power you need help with, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you feel discomfort when riding, our Physio can help to diagnose the reasons why and then help you overcome your pain. Our help is comprehensive and could be in the form of recommending adjustments to your bike; helping you understand subtle changes to your riding posture or technique; prescribing stretches and strength exercises; or discussing other lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your pain. As irritating and concerning as your symptoms may be, you can have confidence because this is our bread and butter. 

But what if you are feeling physically fit but you want to improve your cycling technique, increase your overall speed, prolong your endurance, get more aero or maybe blast them all away on that sprint finish? We can help you those goals too. Our Physio will explain the sliding scale between aerodynamism and comfort, effectiveness vs efficiency and how you can apply that in your bikefit, your strength and conditioning and your cycling technique. 









The structure of our Physio Bikefit is outlined below. It’s comprehensive so if you simply book in and show up you will be very well catered for. However, we can tailor the session to suit your needs if you have a specific area of interest, a goal or any particular discomfort you may get when riding. Simply tell us at the time of booking your appointment and this will help our Physio plan a more bespoke session. 

  1. Subjective assessment – this is essentially a chat between you and the Physio (plus a bit of Q&A) to find out what you want to achieve with your bikefit, any relevant medical or injury history, discuss any current cycling-related issues you may be experiencing 
  2. Objective assessment – this is a physical assessment, not on the bike, that your Physio bikefitter will use to get a better understanding of any points that were discussed during the subjective discussion. Some key body measurements will also be taken at this stage 
  3. On-bike assessment – this is the main component of the bike fit. We start by looking at your cleat and foot positioning and work our way up the entire body recording all the necessary measurementsEach important finding will be explained along the way. In addition to the specific measurements, our Physio will use their experience and training to take an overall look at aspects such as posture, signs of tension and muscle strain. Please note, your bike will be fixed to our ‘wheel-on’ fluid trainer 
  4. Adjustments – after the on-bike assessment, any recommendations to make adjustments to your bike setup will be discussed. If you wish to make adjustments on the spot, our Physio can help make adjustments to: cleat positioning, saddle position, seat post height, handlebar height and angle. Please note that any cutting required for integrated posts cannot be performed in the clinic 
  5. Final production – After any bike adjustments or technique changes have been made you will be recorded cycling using our software. This step allows you to see for yourself, in slow motion, how the changes have been effective in putting your bike in a more optimum setup for your body and your goals 
  6. For your records – after the appointment you will receive an email from your Physio with a summary of all the important discussion points and findings, images or video to highlight your optimum setup and any other recommendations for you 














Let’s get you riding with power and feeling pain-free. Give us a call to book now or if you have any questions please visit the FAQ section linked below… 













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Meet Anthony   – Physiotherapist, Science of Cycling Physio BikeFit course

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