Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD

Bodysmart Physio offers a convenient schedule of action packed Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD

  • 3 Group Exercise options – Functional Training, Reformer and Mat work
  • Brand new state of the art facilities and equipment with 3 custom designed exercise zones
  • All sessions designed by qualified and experienced Physiotherapists
  • Fun and challenging with a focus on technique (options for those recovering from injuries)
  • Convenient class times Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm


1. Group Functional Training Perth CBD


Group Functional Training classes are a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) combining cardio and strength training principles. These circuit style classes are all designed to challenge and improve your core stability, mobility, agility, fitness, endurance and strength. In these classes, you’ll be using premium cable machines, TRX,  dumbbells, barbell, plyometrics, rower, kettle bells, power bands and other gym equipment to condition your entire body. As you rotate your way through the exercise stations you can expect an elevated heart rate AND TO SWEAT! 


2. Group Reformer Perth CBD Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD



Our Group Reformer sessions incorporate a repertoire of exercises mostly performed on the Reformer. These classes are most suited to those at the advanced stage of injury recovery or those wanting to condition their body, improve strength and movement control. In each class, you have the option to modify the resistance of the machines to increase or decrease the intensity of each exercise. You WILL awaken muscles you never knew you had!


3. Group Mat exercisePerth CBD Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD

Mat Pilates Jan18 - 6

Bodysmart Mat exercise classes include a combination of strength and flexibility exercises using mats, balls, weights, bands, magic circles, foam blocks and rollers to train, tone and condition your entire body. Technique is key in these classes, so feel free to take it slow. Your physio instructor will guide you through a series of exercises using the various small apparatus. ‘General mat’ sessions are best suited to those new to mat exercise or are recovering from injury. ‘Advanced mat’ sessions are best for experienced mat exercise clients at the advanced stage of injury recovery, or are symptom-free looking to prevent injury.


New to Bodysmart? New client pathway

Attend a 30 min one-to-one Physio Exercise Appraisal with a highly trained Exercise Physio then try our group exercise sessions for FREE!

One of our Physiotherapists will run through a specialised body appraisal to ensure Group Exercise is right for you. p Reformer Pilates

When you attend your physio appraisal we will set you up with a complimentary 2 session pass to try our Group exercise sessions (Group Reformer, Mat exercise and Functional Training) FOR FREE!


Group Exercise attendance options

To attend our sessions – you can choose either pre-paid session packs or membership options. To get the best results, most clients attend 2-3 times per week.

Group Exercise Membership – fortnightly auto debit purchase (most popular)

2 sessions per week |$49 per week| $24.50 per session

3 sessions per week |$59 per week| $19.70 per session

5 sessions per week | $79 per week | $15.80 per session

Unlimited sessions per week |$109 per week| from $10.90 per session

Group Exercise Packs – upfront purchase

10 Pack | $310 | $31 per session | 6 month expiry

25 Pack | $675 | $27 per session | 12 month expiry


Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD

Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD
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Group Exercise Classes Perth CBD