About Video on Demand

About Video on Demand

Exercise at Home, Virtual Pilates, Virtual Gym Training!

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Working from home? The team of Exercise Physiotherapists at Bodysmart have got your back!  We have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to develop B@Home on Demand. Exercise at home

This pre-recorded video platform delivers exercise, right to your home!

So what does B@Home on Demand include? Exercise at home

  • Access to Unlimited sessions! Viewed through our website (Video on Demand Tab)Exercise at home
  • Demonstrated exercises with correct form for easy followingwhile you Exercise at home
  • All sessions can be performed in your home with minimal equipment Exercise at home Exercise at home
  • 24/7 Access

Large variety of exercise sessions – suitable for all levels Exercise at home

  • Mat Pilates – General and Advanced session options
  • Whole Body Functional Training Exercise at home Exercise at home
  • High Intensity Cardio
  • Dumbbell options
  • Roll and Release  Exerc ise  at  home
  • Movement Snack – 15 min session  Exercise at home
  • Gentle Pilates and Stretch


Virtual Louise


  • Varied session lengths! (15, 30, 40 mins)

General Mat PilatesGeneral Mat Pilates










B@Home Video on Demand Membership


Ready to sweat it out from the comfort of your home? Join Now or call us today on (08) 9481 8708.

What some of our Bodysmart @ Home members have to say:

“Thank you so much for this morning! It was so good to be able to do a class on a Saturday and boy did I work up a sweat! It’s awesome that you guys are adapting the business.”

 “The kids are doing the class and loving it! Great way to burn off some steam!”

 “Thank you – felt great!”

 “Was a great session. Louise did a fantastic job!!!! Could clearly hear her and she explained everything so well”

 “Very simple. I have enjoyed both sessions, it has felt really good to be getting up and moving despite being stuck at home”

 “The exercises have been good, mostly using body weight so no equipment required. I like how versatile the theraband is. Really liked the cool down and stretching bit at the end, I don’t usually have time for this at the physical classes, so taking the time to do it with these virtual classes is a big bonus”

 “Christian provides enough direction and tailors the coaching depending on what equipment people have, or what fitness level people are at”

 “Thank you.  It worked really well and I really enjoyed my first virtual class”

“We are loving the virtual classes at home. I am not a self starter, so having the group classes really keeps me accountable and motivated while at home. Thanks for being so flexible and responsive to the changing situation, I love these classes.”