Clinical Functional Training

Clinical Functional Training

Clinical Functional Training

Clinical Functional Training is where one of our skilled Physiotherapists develops and supervises a fully customised exercise program to correct “functional” movement patterns associated with an injury you have had following a detailed assessment.  This style of training uses “functional” movement training (that better reflect movements required in every day life) as opposed to  isolated muscle training. There is a strong focus on the correct movement technique in order to reduce faulty movement patterns (which often lead to pain and injury if not corrected).

The Physiotherapist will use gym equipment such as pulleys, dumbells, barbell, plyometrics, kettlebells and power bands. Clinical Functional Training focuses on improving core stability, balance, mobility, agility, coordination and strength. Clients will usually progress to independent training (in their preferred gym) or our larger format Functional Training group exercise classes.

Clinical Functional Training is done either 1:1 with a Physio or in a semi-private format, and as such, may be eligible for private health insurance rebates.


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  • ALL sessions run by experienced Physiotherapists
  • Private Health Rebates may apply for eligible clients
  • Sessions individually customised to help you achieve your goals faster
  • Integrates gym equipment
  • 1:1 or semi private sessions


How do I start?

To ensure you achieve your specific goals, our strength and conditioning trained physiotherapists will customise a unique, targeted exercise program for you.

Step 1: Attend a 40 minute 1:1 Comprehensive Assessment / Program Customisation Session
We start with a 1:1, 40 minute comprehensive assessment where a Physiotherapist will assess your movement patterns, impairments, mobility and flexibility. Based on this assessment and the goals of your rehab, the Physiotherapist will develop a customised functional training program for you.

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Step 2: Attend 1-3 one-on-one sessions doing your unique, customised program

  • Perform one to three, 1:1 (30 or 40 minute) sessions with your Physiotherapist
  • This will improve your technique and movement patterns
  • You can continue at this level or change to a semi private arrangement (Refer to Step 3)

Step 3: Attend semi-private sessions doing your unique, customised program

  • Once you have mastered the key skills you can participate in semi-private sessions
  • One Physiotherapist works very closely with 2 or 3 clients simultaneously
  • Each client completes their own individualised exercise program
  • On each session your form will be checked and your program progressed



Initial Comprehensive Functional Training Assessment + $50 voucher (total $168.50 value)  for only $75* 

*Valid for those new to Bodysmart.  Voucher can be used towards 10 or 25 CE Pack

* Valid for online bookings only, quoting the text “CFTONLINE$75”  in the online booking notes.


Step 4: Progress to “Group” Functional Training classes (optional)

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