BikeFit Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

BikeFit Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a Physio, so can I claim this under my private health cover? 

Yes. Our Physio bikefit qualifies as a Physiotherapy appointment and is therefore eligible for a private health rebate (amount varies depending on your insurance provider) 

What should I wear/bring? 

Bring your bike and wear your usual cycling gear. If you have cleats, knicks, jersey then wear those. If you usually ride in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers then wear those, but the more skin-tight, the better for measuring. Also, if you usually ride with a backpack then be sure to bring that too. 

Can I get changed at Bodysmart? 

Yes we have full end-of-trip facilities available. Just make sure you arrive ahead of your appointment time so you are changed and ready to go! 

Can I bring my own trainer?  

Standard practice is that we simply swap out your rear axle (QR or Thru Bolt) and attach your rear wheel to our wheel-on trainer (note: wheel-on trainers can occasionally leave a faint mark on the rear tyre)But certainly, if you feel more comfortable using your own trainer then we can use that. 

How long does it take? 

We take your well-being seriously and our bikefit is truly comprehensive. So allow 90 minutes for the session.  

I am a triathlete, can you do my bikefit? 

Absolutely. Physio Anthony is also a triathlete so it’s a perfect match. There’s no extra charge for a triathlon bikefit.