Pilates Benefits for Office Workers

Pilates Benefits for Office Workers

Pilates benefits for Office Workers

Due to the sedentary nature of office work in today’s computer orientated society, muscles around the hips can become very tight, especially the hip flexors.  At the same time the gluteal muscles often become weak. This imbalance makes it difficult to engage the core muscles and maintain a good posture which can lead to low back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Pilates exercises focus on: Pilates benefits for Office Workers

  • Rotated PelvisImproving muscle length – tightness through the hip flexors can cause the pelvis to sit in a more anteriorly tilted position. This produces an excessive lumbar lordosis or “sway back” where the hamstrings are forced to work in a lengthened position. Tension is also often felt higher up in the upper back and neck which can contribute to headaches and ongoing neck pain.
  • Improving muscle strength and activation – Pilates exercises work around a “neutral spine.” Once muscle length imbalances have been addressed it is much easier to find a “neutral spine” and engage both the glute and core muscles to maintain it.
  • Improving posture – Stability around the lumbo-pelvic region enables you to strengthen the other postural muscles more effectively. Without a stable pelvis, it is very difficult to maintain a good posture. Building up the strength and endurance of the postural muscles will not only help to reduce or prevent neck and back pain, but you may also find yourself a couple of centimetres taller!




Bodysmart_Louise_CWritten by Louise Murtagh BSc (Physio) is one of our physiotherapists with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of headaches, neck and back pain and workplace related ailments. She extensive knowledge in the field of Ergonomics and workplace health and is a senior Pilates instructor.