Post Ironman Racing – Making sure you recover well

Post Ironman Racing – Making sure you recover well



It is important post ironman racing to recover well. After a big race like an Ironman or a marathon rest and recovery is vital both for the body as well as the mind.

The first mistake most athletes make after the completion of a big race is complete cessation. There is a need for both a mental and physical break, but there is a wrong and a right way of going about it. To completely stop after a big event is a huge mistake.

Our muscles become used to their daily dose of oxygen, blood flow and going through a range of motion. Stopping dead in our tracks makes our tissue (fascia, muscles, tendons etc.) bind up. This means our tissue loses its pliability and our range of motion decreases. It’s the reason many athletes get injured when they start back.

My guide for post ironman racing to recovery well:

Week 1:

You will want to take the day after the race off but include some gentle walking for 10-15 minutes.
Do something light for most days after that not exceeding 30 minutes. Ice baths, compression and a massage mid week after a race is very beneficial.

Week 2 & 3:

Take the second and third week as rest weeks. During these weeks even if you are going mental and want to start training it is important to rest to get the full recovery. It is advisable to go for walks with the family or go surfing. Do whatever the body feels like doing but stay away from structured training.

Week 4-6:

Keep the volume low and focus on technique, the volume is low but the skill focus is high.

Train hard, Train smart.

Have you just completed or are preparing for a marathon/triathlon event?