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Sit stand tables – good for us or just a fad?

Sit stand tables are becoming increasingly popular in the office environment. Greater amount of model types are entering the market, all proclaiming to have outstanding benefits; but are they actually good for us? Do sit stand tables help to relieve pain? And is sitting the new smoking? In this article, we will answer those questions. Firstly, is sitting bad for us? In...

glass of water

Boost your water intake – 10 great tips

Boost your water intake - Summer is here and here are some great tips! With the summer months well and truly upon us, the need to boost your water intake to stay hydrated is very important. Hydration is important for all of the body’s functions because 70% of our body weight is due to water. Most of the water lives within the...

Watching TV Sitting

10 Tips for ‘Healthy’ TV Watching!

Below are 10 tips designed to keep your back, neck and eyes healthy while indulging in some screen time!   1. Sit so you're well supported i.e. your back should be touching the chair back rest - avoid spending prolonged periods on soft couches or bean bags. 2. Change your position regularly - if you're watching for long periods, take turns sitting...

kids with backpacks

Choosing and Fitting the Right Backpack for Children

It is important to fit your child's school backpack properly, because according to a report by the Australian Consumer Product Safety Commission, 75 percent of all 8- to 12-year-olds have reported experiencing back pain from carrying backpacks that are too heavy. Not only should you buy a backpack that is the correct size, but you should also adjust the straps and pack...