10 Tips for ‘Healthy’ TV Watching!

10 Tips for ‘Healthy’ TV Watching!

Below are 10 tips designed to keep your back, neck and eyes healthy while indulging in some screen time!


Posture TV1. Sit so you’re well supported i.e. your back should be touching the chair back rest – avoid spending prolonged periods on soft couches or bean bags.

2. Change your position regularly – if you’re watching for long periods, take turns sitting on the couch, chair, or floor.

3. Use a lumbar roll, or rolled towel, behind your lower back (about belt line) – to provide support whilst sitting.

4. Avoid non-symmetrical and unsupported positions – such as side-lying with head on cushion with neck “crooked” to side.

5. Position your TV well – try to have the set directly in front of you, at mid vision height.

6. Stretch! – use commercial breaks to change positions, to get up and walk around and to do gentle stretches.

7. Keep dim lighting on in the room rather than no lighting. Strong or no lighting may lead to eye damage over time.

8. Be inspired by the athletes – remember to eat and sleep well, avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol.

9. If suffering from lower back pain and or sciatica avoid a ‘reclined’ position with your legs extended straight out in front of you.

10. Don’t watch TV in bed – as this often leads to neck and back ache.

Mike Masiello


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