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Health Tips

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Balanced Exercise

Balanced Exercise  Balanced Exercise Balance is key when it comes to exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise are widely documented, however training programs which focus on only one type activity also bring some negatives. Regular, repetitive running, or taking part in 5 yoga sessions a week will be good for our wellbeing, but  can create repetitive strain, resulting in overuse injuries....

Why things hurt

Watch this great TEDx on how our bodies work and why things hurt.    

Understanding pain

The following video will help you understand how the body works and processes pain.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are widely recognised as not only helping you get your job done faster but also of reducing your risk of gaining an RSI through repetitive mouse use. We have gathered the most commonly used actions and listed the shortcut in our handy guide. Keys Action [Ctrl] + [Esc] Open Start Menu [Alt] + [Tab] Switch between open programs Hold the...

How to set-up a Deskalator

The Deskalator is one of the best value for money “top of desk” height adjustable units we have found available in WA at present. We rate this product above the Varidesk due to its better height range, easier adjustment and reduced tipping potential. Refer to the adjustment guide as demonstrated by Mike Masiello (Principal Physiotherapist) at Bodysmart to ensure you get the...