Rowing- Working Harder, Faster and Safer!

Rowing- Working Harder, Faster and Safer!

Rowing is a physically demanding sport that gives a full body workout. I am going to share with you a few quick tips to keep you safe and effective on the rowing machine.

Some common mistakes I see:

1. Holding the handle too hard. Try to keep the hands relaxed without “choking” the grip.

2. Not driving with the legs- this is when people pull back through the arms without connecting the leg drive.

Rowing    –    Remember    =      Legs > Body > Arms          In that order

3. Resistance level set to 10 – one of the most common mistakes I see. It overloads your back and ends up messy. Olympic level men’s heavyweights row between 5-6 on the damper setting. This does not determine how much work you do; rather, it responds to the amount of force you put into the exercise. The more force you put into each stroke, the more resistance you will feel.

4. Rushing forward on the recovery – It is important to develop some ratio with the rowing stroke and allow your body a chance to relax in between each stroke. 1:2-3 Power/Recovery.

5. Poor Sequencing of movement – Drive with – Legs > Body > Arms and recover sequence is Arms > Body > Legs

Check out the video below to ensure you have the right technique and help you to become a better rower.

Concept put great daily workouts on there site if you are looking to change things up, or we have an informative guide if you are interested in learning more about the Muscles used in rowing.

Bodysmart_ChristianIf you want to know more about getting the most out of your time on the rowing machine, or learn how to put this amazing machine to good use book in with our accomplished Rowing Performance Physio, Christian Eyres today.




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