Auz volley ball playerSince the 2008 Beijing Olympics the popularity of kinesiology tape has increased dramatically. The colorful tape that many athletes were seen wearing is known as ROCKTAPE, a premium kinesiology tape. Not only has there been a huge surge in its use, there has been increasing amounts of research into the properties of the tape.

The tape which has been around since the 1970’s is used by many elite athletes particularly in cycling, tennis, rugby and soccer. However, it is not limited to Olympians. It has many benefits in everyday individuals. Kinesiology tape differs from conventional taping in that it does not use compression or immobilization of the injured area. ROCKTAPE is elastic and offers a more comfortable alternative for the patient or athlete. ROCKTAPE allows the joint to continue through full range of movement without losing stability or effecting circulation.

So what are the uses and benefits of ROCKTAPE, and what makes ROCKTAPE more special than other kinesiology tape?

ROCKTAPE is different to other kinesiology tapes because:

  • It has a tighter weave to enhance support of working muscles
  • Longer lasting adhesive – allowing it to stay on longer, even under the toughest of conditions
  • Greater elasticity promoting ‘snap back’ helping muscles contract and relax more efficiently
  • Developed with the athlete in mind
  • Less expensive

What are the differences between conventional tape and ROCKTAPE:Rugby player
Conventional Tape 
Can be uncomfortable
Can impede vascular circulation
Limits Range of movement
Some loss of tension and effectiveness over a short period of time

Vascular improvement
Allows for full functional range of movement
Uses less tape with improved dynamic support for up to 4 days

So what is ROCKTAPE used for?Damu Cherry

ROCKTAPE activates the nervous and circulatory system to initiate healing and improve body awareness. It is used by practitioners to assist in the treatment of:

  1. Injured muscles: ROCKTAPE is applied along the length of the injured muscle and as the elastic tape recoils it lifts the skin from the tissue below. This helps reduce pain and promotes circulation, assisting in the reduction of swelling and bruising
  2. Biomechanical dysfunction: ROCKTAPE provides support or stability without restricting the range of motion, creating better body awareness
  3. Postural dysfunction: ROCKTAPE improves the proprioceptive feedback to the area – this assists in retraining the muscles that
    maintain posture
  4. Oedema/inflammation: Increased circulation due to ROCKTAPE can results in improved lymphoedema and inflammation
  5. Pregnancy related low back pain and weakness: ROCKTAPE is applied to the low back or around the tummy to reduce the stress on the low back as the tummy grows

ROCKTAPE is used by athletes to:

  1. Shorten rehabilitation time from injury
  2. Improve endurance as increased circulation can improve the supply of oxygen to muscles and the removal of lactic acid
  3. Improve recovery time after intense training sessions or races, as the increased circulation assists in the removal of waste products such as lactic acid


ROCKTAPE can be used as an adjunct to another therapy or as treatment alone. As you have read there are many benefits to ROCKTAPE. It is also an exciting area for practitioners as there are still many more benefits currently being researched. Please feel free to discuss the applications of ROCKTAPE for you directly with your practitioner. ROCKTAPE can also be purchased from Bodysmart’s main clinic located Level 2, 218 St Georges Tce Perth.

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