Finding and Harnessing that Motivation

Finding and Harnessing that Motivation

Do you need support in finding and harnessing motivation?

Let me try to paint the picture here.

So you have decided to make a change to your lifestyle – fantastic! Readiness to make a change is the first step towards achieving your goal.

However, after some time you’re now starting to feel like exercising is becoming a bit of a chore. Or, the changes you have made to your diet has left you feeling like you’re missing out and it’s becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Motivation is starting to wear thin and old habits are starting to slip back in.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s something that I hear frequently from my clients, I am even guilty of it myself sometimes!

So how do you stop this cycle and maintain that motivation?

You find your reason WHY.







Majority of the time my clients tend to have a good idea about what is involved in eating healthily but what I love doing is helping enhance their motivation. I do this by getting them to find their reason why they wanted to come see me in the first place, getting them to understand their reason why they wanted to make a change.

Ask yourself, why is it that you started exercising? Was it to lose weight and get fit? Was it because working out is your stress release and you enjoy the feeling you get from it?

Ask yourself, why have you decided to make a change to your diet? Again, is it because you want to lose weight and get fit? Or is it because you just like how your body feels since you have started to eat healthier?


Whatever it is, it’s your reason why. Write it down. Put it somewhere visible and when you start to feel that motivation drop, go back to your reason why.

Just as an important note, I have found that my clients’ motivation is more likely to be maintained if their reason why is more on the positive spectrum, for example, exercising and eating healthily because of the way it makes them feel, as opposed to purely just to lose weight. When you’re focused on the less positive view you’re more likely to see exercising or eating healthily as a chore and almost like a punishment.

As always, I encourage you to build that healthy relationship with food and exercise. That in itself is a result to work towards.




Liana Nici 

Dietitian (MDiet, APD)

Sports Dietitian (AccSD)

Nutritionist (BSc Nutrition)

Liana has extensive experience and a special interest in general, clinical and sports related health and nutrition.  Striving to find the balance between life, food and fitness lead Liana to find her passion for helping others establish their balance as well as a positive relationship between food and health.