Ergonomic Product Review: Microdesk Document Holder

Ergonomic Product Review: Microdesk Document Holder

After completing thousands of ergonomic assessments in Perth one of the biggest stressors that I have found to the neck and shoulders is placing documents in-front of or beside the keyboard. One of the best pieces of ergonomic equipment I have ever come across as an ergonomic consultant is this multifunction document holder. The Microdesk document holder is used for reading writing and copying tasks and is ideal for patients with neck pain, headaches, mid-back tightness, shoulder pain or lower back pain.

When paper is placed next to the keyboard the user is required to twist & bend the neck, creating more pressure on the spine and muscles. Its unique design allows the A3 sized document holder to be placed between the keyboard and the screen, and be moved over the top of the keyboard when you are required to access or write on your documents, without compromising typing positioning. The Microdesk centres paper in-front of the user and allows access to the keyboard at all times.

Benefits of the Microdesk include:

Document Holder Perth_Microdesk_1

  • Reduces bending and twisting of the neck
  • Reduces rounding of the shoulders when accessing both the keyboard and documents
  • Improves writing position by placing documents on a height and angle adjustable platform
  • Keep elbows within range of the body, no reaching out.
  • Allows access to the function and number keys of the keyboard beneath the front edge of the Microdesk.
  • Is designed for both left and right-handed writers.
  • Holds A3 sized papers, files and books


If you would like to see this product demonstrated please feel free to drop by our St Georges Terrace Clinic or contact our friendly team for further details.

The product can also be purchased online.

Bodysmart_Laura_CWritten by Laura Saldanha Ba.Sc (Physio) a well rounded senior physiotherapist with extensive experience in the treatment of headaches, neck and back and shoulder injuries. She extensive knowledge in the field of Ergonomics and workplace health and is a qualified Pilates instructor .


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