Chevron – Exclusive Corporate Massage 2022

Chevron – Exclusive Corporate Massage 2022

This page is EXCLUSIVELY for Chevron staff who would like to book a seated massage at the QV1 Building!

If you have not previously had a workplace Massage with Bodysmart please click below to download the New Client Form and hand this form to the massage therapist on the day of your booking.

The following dates are available (Click the Massage booking button below and navigate to the date within the booking system):

  • Wednesday 11th May
  • Thursday 19th May
  • Wednesday 25th May
  • Thursday 9th June (added 6th May)
  • Thursday 16th June
  • Thursday 21st July
  • Thursday 18th August
  • Thursday 15th September
  • Thursday 20th October
  • Thursday 17th November
  • Thursday 8th December

If you have any issues booking, please feel free to contact Bodysmart on 9481 8708.

We look forward to meeting you on the day of your massage!