Group Reformer Pilates

Group Reformer Pilates

Incorporates an action-packed repertoire of exercises all performed on the specialised Pilates Reformer. Most suited to those with Pilates experience and are pain-free.

Bodysmart Reformer Pilates Group

Key features of exercise sessions

  • ALL sessions run by experienced physiotherapists
  • Up to 90% Private Health Rebates apply
  • Safe and effective exercise adjusted to your level

Session options and pricing

To ensure you achieve your specific goals, our trained physiotherapists will customise a unique, targeted exercise program for you.

Step 1: Attend a 1:1 Assessment / Instruction session

Standard 1:1 Reformer Pilates Intro session (30 min): Physio assessment and learn the key Reformer Pilates skills on our equipment (for those with no previous Reformer Pilates experience).
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Concise 1:1 Reformer Pilates Intro session (20 min): Brief Physio assessment and familiarise you to our equipment (for those with previous Reformer Pilates experience).
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Step 2: Progress to physiotherapist supervised group sessions

  • Once you have mastered the key skills you can participate in the sessions
  • Your physio instructor will keep a close eye on your form and technique
  • Most private health funds pay a rebate
Session Length Fee (before Health Fund Rebate)
Standard Reformer Assessment / Intro session   30 mins  $79
 Concise Reformer Assessment/Intro session  20 mins  $49
 Group Reformer (5 clients max)   40 mins  $35 / session casual
$33/session in 5 pack
 $31/ session in 10 pack
 $29/session in 25 pack


Ready to Live Your Potential?

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