Ergonomic Assessments Perth

Ergonomic Assessments Perth

Established in 2005, Bodysmart has been one of Perth’s leading provider of ergonomic assessments for corporations that include Inpex, Rio Tino, Woodside Energy, Bechtel and many Government Departments. Our ergonomic consultants are highly experienced, qualified Physiotherapists and our philosophy extends much further than treating aches and pains.

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What does an Ergonomic Assessment involve?

A workstation assessment focuses on computer and desk ergonomics, identifying ergonomic hazards and making adjustments. An Ergonomic Assessment is traditionally conducted within the company’s work environment. A Bodysmart Ergonomic Consultant will travel to the workplace to conduct the assessment.

  • Risk Identification considering symptoms, tasks and hazards.
  • Ergonomic Assessment of work posture & equipment.
  • Ergonomic Office Adjustment of current equipment.
  • Office Ergonomics Action Plan including recommendations & prescription of ergonomic equipment (if unavailable internally).
  • Ergonomic Training and Ergonomic Resources including postural training , stretching education and handouts.
  • Ergonomic Equipment Supply (if required).
  • Optional Follow-up re-assessments for symptomatic people or to adjust new equipment (especially chairs).

As our Physiotherapists are all multi-skilled in the field of ergonomics and muscluoskeletal treatment of office workers, they are able to better understand an employee’s aches and pains, and customise ergonomic office assessments and adjustments to reduce injury risk factors.


Bodysmart’s Ergonomic Office and Workstation Programs include:

Program  Duration  Description
Quick Check and Adjust Assessment 15 mins Includes very brief assessment, adjustment of existing equipment, very limited staff education, 1 page report. Recommended with the comprehensive group seminar.
Comprehensive Assessment 35 mins Includes assessment, adjustment of exisitng equipment, concise staff education, 3 page report and up to 3 customised handouts. The comprehensive assessment is our most popular ergonomic service and is recommended for anyone experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort.
Thorough Assessment 45-60 mins Includes thorough assessment, adjustment of existing equipment, thorough staff education, 3-6 page report and up to 3 customised handouts. Suitable for staff with long term, acute or chronic pain conditions.
Re-Assessment 10 mins Re-adjustment of equipment once it has been supplied.
Brief Ergonomic Seminar 45 mins Includes interactive PowerPoint presentation covering key ergonomic education princples, stretches, use of props (e.g. spine). Recommended maximum of 15 attendees to maintain interaction.
Comprehensive Ergonomic Seminar 60+ mins Includes more detailed interactive PowerPoint presentation covering key ergonomic education principles, stretches, questions answered, props used (e.g. spine). Recommended maximum of 15 attendees to maintain interaction.
Ergosmart” Online Ergonomic Assessment 25-30 mins The online program graphically guides the user to assess their workstation and steps them though making adjustments to layout & equipment.

For further information and pricing that is customised to your company’s needs Contact Bodysmart or call (08) 9481 8708

Why choose Bodysmart?

Bodysmart is not your average corporate health company. We are the most experienced and the most professional ergonomic company available in Perth. Some of our key differences have been highlighted below:

  • Qualified Physiotherapists, experienced in office ergonomics and the treatment of musculoskeletal issues.
  • Central Perth CBD location allowing for quicker response times and lower costs for urgent city and metro based assessments.
  • Workstation Assessments incorporate a strong education component, empowering staff to be proactive about their health.
  • Comprehensive “Ergosmart” procedure refined after thousands of assessments to maximise workstation customisation.
  • Simple, practical and cost-effective recommendations, tailored to the needs of your workplace.
  • Utilise all forms of environmental adaptation prior to recommending purchase of equipment
  • If employee health and safety is compromised we source and prescribe quality equipment, customised to individual requirements, to avoid the risk of sourcing incorrect equipment.
  • We provide administrative assistance with scheduling, quoting and the distribution of reports.
  • We provide comprehensive 3 page reports on each of our standard Ergonomic Assessments, with no additional fees.
  • Excellent turn around time on assessment reports.


Benefits – to Your Organisation.

Bodysmart’s Ergonomic Office Ergosmart Programs assist organisations to make the best ergonomic decisions to improve health and safety, and reduce risk. office ergonomics perthOur ergonomic assessments will help your company to:

  • Reduce lost time to injuries and absenteeism
  • Reduce workers compensation claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce workplace errors and workplace fatigue
  • Improve the overall health status of your workforce
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve staff retention and morale
  • Improve your workplace’s safety culture