Physio Group Exercise 1

Physio Group Exercise 1

1Functional Strength (Physio ratio 1:10 max)

Uses pulleys, dumbells, weight bar, plyometrics, kettlebells, power bands and other gym equipment to condition your whole body. The cardio / strength sessions will also improve your core stability, balance, mobility, agility. Most suited to those that are at the advanced stage of injury recovery or are symptom free.  






2Mat Pilates (Physio ratio 1:10 max)

Uses Pilates mat, fitballs, weights, foam rollers and magic circle to tone and condition your whole body. The sessions combine strength and flexibility Pilates exercises. General Mat sessions are best suited to those  new to Pilates or are recovering from an injury.  Advanced Mat sessions are most suited to experienced Pilates clients at the advanced stage of injury recovery or are symptom free.  





3Stretch and Roll (Physio ratio 1:10 max)

Uses foam rollers, spikey balls and power bands to stretch and loosen your whole body.  A great way to offset body stiffness that develops with office work or repetative sport such as cycling and running. Suitable for both injured and symptom free individuals.





4Group Refomer Pilates (Physio ratio 1:5 max)

Incorporates an action packed repertoire of exercises all performed on the specialised Pilates Refomer. Most suited to those with a good level of reformer Pilates experience and are pain free.






Key Features of Exercise Sessions

  • ALL sessions run by experienced Physiotherapists
  • Up to 90% Private Health Rebates apply
  • Sessions run between 7am to 6pm MON-FRI
  • Safe and effective exercise adjusted to your level

Session Options and Pricing

To ensure you achieve your specific goals our trained Physiotherapists will customise a unique, targeted exercise program for you.

Step 1: Attend a 30 or 40 min 1:1 Comprehensive Assessment / Instruction session

We start with a 1:1, Comprehensive Assessment (30 mins for Mat Pilates and Group Reformer, 40 mins for Functional Strength) where a Physio will assess your movement patterns, mobility and flexibility using a specialised assessment. The physio will teach you the basics and ensure you are ready to start the classes. This assessment is claimable through your Private Health fund as per a “Extended Physiotherapy Consult” HICAPS code 506.

Step 2: Progress to Physio supervised group sessions

  • Once you have mastered the key skills you can participate in the sessions.
  • Your Physio instructor will keep a close eye on your form and technique.
  • Most private health funds pay a rebate under HICAPS code 561 (Group Physio Consultation).







(before Health Fund Rebate)

1:1 Comprehensive Assessment / Instruction session

Mat Pilates, Group Reformer

Functional Strength

Stretch & Roll



30 mins

40 mins








Mat Pilates,Strength, Stretch & Roll

One Physio with up to 10 clients


40-45 mins

Casual  $30 / session

In 5 Pack $25 / session

In 10 Pack $22 / session

In a 25 pack 19.80 / session


One Physio with up to 5 clients




40 mins

In a 5 Pack $35 / session

In 10 Pack $30.50 / session

In 25 Pack $29 / session

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