Equipment Selection

Equipment Selection

Ergonomic Equipment Prescripton

Poorly designed work environments with inappropriate equipment will promote incorrect posture & positioning. In the long-term this may lead to adverse changes to the body such as altered spinal alignment, premature joint and disc degeneration, nerve compression and decreased muscle flexibility. As a result symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, RSI and lower back pain may be reported.

Bodysmart Ergonomic Assessors have extensive knowledge of the latest ergonomic equipment available in the market. To prevent and alleviate symptoms, carefully selected and adjusted equipment can significantly improve posture, comfort and positioning. Bodysmart has a range of ergonomic equipment including ergonomic chairs, ergonomic mice and ergonomic keyboards.

Where to find our Ergonomic Equipment?

Our equipment can be viewed and purchased online. Alternately our showroom on Level 3, 220 St Georges Terrace Perth CBD houses most of our ergonomic equipment and is open between 7.15am and 6pm. For further information please feel free to contact

Ergonomic Equipment Guidelines