Dr Case Sinclair Bsc BHSc(Hons) BSc(Chiro) BChiro


Dr Case Sinclair Bsc BHSc(Hons) BSc(Chiro) BChiro


Dr Case Sinclair is an experienced Chiropractor performing over 10,000 treatments within Perth Western Australia.

Dr Sinclair relieves back, neck and other joint pain using an evidence based approach; combining traditional manual manipulation and low force techniques with a blend of targeted trigger point massage therapy, assisted stretching and vibration therapy.

Dr Sinclair has a special interest in the treatment of chronic shoulder problems and jaw associated neck and headache pain. He also has extensive experience in the the management of pregnancy associated back pain.


1997: BSc, University of Adelaide, SA
1999: BHSc Hons (Tissue Pathology) University of Adelaide, SA (A. Riddell Scholar)
2000-2002: Associate Lecturer/Facilitator School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Adelaide, SA
2007: BSc Chiropractic, B Chiropractic Murdoch University, WA

Post Graduate Training Courses:

COCA/GP Network Dry Needling certified
Gonstead association: Theory, radiology analysis treatment methods
Activator Techniques analysis and treatment
Kinesiotape: Level 1 application certified
Graston Technique: Level 1 certified via proxy
Thompson Drop Piece technique introduction level
Sacro-Occipital Technique blocking and category analysis certified
COCA Australian Pharmacy Guild Evidence based use of over the counter medication
Murdoch University Alumni/COCA Clinical Capsule series: Cervical Spine, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle
COCA/GPNetwork Blackmore™ “Evidence based use of natural supplements in general practice”
Foot and Leg Centre Foot Mobilisation Technique via proxy


Dr Sinclair worked in scientific research for 6 years, at the prestigious Adelaide Centre for Spinal Research and the Bone Growth Foundation, Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital before training as a chiropractor at Murdoch university.


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