Office Fitout

Office Fitout

Ergonomic Office Fitout Perth

Fitting out your office and want to make the right decisions from the beginning? Speak to Bodysmart about Ergonomic Office Fitout / Office Refurbishment Services. We offer a range of services from Ergonomic Consultancy right through to Procurement of Ergonomic Equipment such as Ergonomic Chairs.

Bodysmart specialises in ergonomic workstation assessments, so we have A LOT of experience in knowing what equipment will cause injuries and problems for users, as well as what ergonomic equipment will enhance comfort and reduce injuries. Unfortunately clients often engage our services after their fitout, so we are often called out to complete ergonomic workstation assessments only to find that the office has purchased inappropriate equipment.

Examples of Common Office Fitout Mistakes Include:

  • Ordering height adjustable tables in conjunction with inappropriate gas lift heights on the chair, so that the chair does not raise to the correct table height
  • Purchasing expensive chairs with little adjustability, functionality or comfort
  • Procuring monitor arms which do not allow correct ergonomic positioning
  • Placing storage inappropriately preventing access to important areas of the table

Optimising your Ergonomic Office Fitout

When planning office fit outs / refurbishments or creating new workstations, organisations have an opportunity to enhance not only the aesthetics of the workplace, but its functionality, usability and adjustability to better suit variations in workers and job task requirements. The consideration of human design elements into furniture selection will not only reduce avoidable injury and prospective liability, it will optimise worker comfort and office productivity.

That’s where we come in! Bodysmart has a team of experienced and qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists working in the field of ergonomics who help to create safe, comfortable and ergonomic offices. We help you to make the right decisions and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Bodysmart Offers a Range of Ergonomic Office Fit Out Services Including:

  • Ergonomic Consultation and Advice
  • Assisting in Writing Tender Documents – If procuring equipment from the market
  • Analysis of possible chairs for ergonomic validity, and giving you recommendation on which ergonomic chair to purchase
  • Analysis of monitor arms, computer storage and pedestals
  • Analysis of workplace plans, ensuring that the workplace fitout optimises positioning whilst reducing ergonomic hazards such as glare

Our Clients – Office Fitouts and Refurbishment Projects:

Bodysmart has been involved in small and large commerical fitout / refurbishment projects. Some of our larger office refurbishment projects include Woodside Energy, Rio Tinto, Leighton Contractors and Aurecom.

How it All Works

Bodysmart has ergonomic office consultancy services to suit small and large projects and every budget. We are happy to provide advice on equipment you are considering purchasing by analysing it and making recommendations, or providing information of which products to procure in the market. We customise our services to suit your company’s needs.

Bodysmart Ergonomic Consultants can work with Project Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Suppliers and directly with the Company to ensure equipment purchased as part of refurbishment projects caters for the diverse mix of staff and their specific task requirements. Bodysmart helps companies create an ergonomic office whereby workstation ergonomics and computer ergonomics are correct.

Make the Right Decisions – contact our Administration Team on (08) 9481 8708 or email