Z-Rest Footrest Half

Z-Rest Footrest Half

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When an office chair is ergonomically positioned (so that the elbows are positioned slightly higher than the table), a footrest is required when the hips and knees are not level. Footrests promote good ankle/knee positioning, improve circulation to the legs & relieve lower back pressure.

The Z-Rest Half Footrest is an excellent option for someone who requires a very low footrest with angle adjustability (not height adjustability). The Z-Rest Half is especially useful for users requiring a 3-4cm height adjustment and is very popular amongst male users and medium to tall users. This footrest is one of the very few footrests available that adjusts lower than 5cm in height.

If users require a height adjustability please refer to the Z-Rest Standard Footrest.

Key Features:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Sturdy aluminium construction
  • Highly durable anodised finish
  • Sleek modern styling
  • Marine grade carpet
  • Angle adjustment (6 angle adjustments of 6 degrees each adjustment)
  • At maximum angle adjustment its front height is 30mm and its back height is 220mm
  • In a flat position its starting height is 38mm at the front and back
  • Easy adjustment without leaving your seat
  • Dimensions: W465mm x D325mm
  • Weight Overall 3.75 kg
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