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Physiotherapy Perth

Physiotherapy Perth CBD

Physio Perth CBD ? If you are looking for a Physiotherapist or Physio Perth CBD Bodysmart is the place to go! Our large experienced team of multi-skilled Physiotherapists provide the largest range of physiotherapy treatments from our well equip a...
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Chrio neck

Chiropractor Perth CBD

Chiropractor Perth CBD Our Chiropractors  in Perth CBD are both highly experienced to get you back to optimal health: Our chiropractors are university-trained health care professionals, each with at least 10 years post graduate experience....
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Remedial Massage Perth CBD

Remedial massage involves manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues to help ensure that they are healthy and working normally. Bodysmart therapists perform deep tissue massage whereby they locate knots in the muscles and release them. Our ser...
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Liana Nici Smoothie Bowls Perth

Dietitian and Nutrition

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitian Liana Nici is available for consultations in our Perth CBD location.  She can assist you with: Weight loss Fatigue Meal plans Diet related medical conditions (eg. high blood pressure, high choleste...
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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates Perth CBD Clinical Pilates Perth is a form of exercise that uses specialised Pilates equipment such as the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze / Cadillac Reformer, Spine Corrector and Wunda Chair to rehabilitate and condition your body. Cl...
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Clinical Functional Training

Clinical Functional Training Clinical Functional Training is where one of our skilled Physiotherapists develops and supervises a fully customised exercise program to correct "functional" movement patterns associated with an injury you have had fo...
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Perth CBD Corporate Reformer Pilates

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercises Classes @ Bodysmart Bodysmart Physio Perth CBD offers a convenient schedule of action packed Group Exercise Classes! 3 Group Exercise Class options - Functional Training, Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates Brand new state of...
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