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Online Ergonomic Assessment  Online Ergonomic Assessment  It is not uncommon for people to develop neck and shoulder pain after 2-3 days of working at a poorly set-up work space. Symptoms can progress rapidly and may result in headaches migraines and nerve pain. The Employer has a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees, even when they work at home. The same health and safety rules apply, not only to your employee, but to others affected by thei...

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Ergonomics at home, home ergonomic assessments, ergonomic assessments perth, ergonomics perth cbd It is critical for companies to ensure that your working at home area has been optimized from an ergonomics perspective.  Poorly designed work areas can cause neck, back, shoulder and wrist injuries within 1-2 weeks.  These injuries normally creep in slowly and can be hard to resolve.  It is well worth the time to have a specialist review your set-up in the early stages. Bodysmart offers 3 al...

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