SmartFit Monitor Raiser – Standard

SmartFit Monitor Raiser – Standard

Our Price $80.37

Key Features & Benefits

  • Monitor Stand with the SmartFit system adjusts monitor height to your optimal viewing angle to help to reduce eye and neck strain.
  • The SmartFit Standard Expands usable desk space by allowing storage underneath platform.
  • User’s can determine their SmartFit comfort colour, then set monitor height to match by snapping 1 or 2 risers into place.
  • The SmartFit Standard positions the monitor in line with the user’s eyes to help reduce eye and neck strain associated with long periods of computer use.
  • Universal platform design fits any monitor up to 17 inches.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height options: 40mm, 80mm or 120mm
  • Height adjusts to 1 of 3 vertical settings (without tools).
  • Accessories and papers can be stored under stand to save desk space.
  • The SmartFit Standard’s Stylish construction and colour complement any office decor.
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