Ergoapt Groove Keyboard

Ergoapt Groove Keyboard


Our Price $108.25

The compact size is space saving and reduces the need to stretch for a mouse. This increases user comfort and improves posture.
Reducing movement outside of the core working position by not reaching for the mouse whilst working, helps reduce RSI issues from occurring.
The concave, low profile keys, deliver a quiet and  comfortable typing experience.
Key features
Compact footprint with full size, concave keys


  • Integrated groove that supports tablets and or phones
  • Multimedia shortcut keys
  • Multiple Bluetooth channels, connect up to 3 devices simultaneously – easy switch for multitasking
    • Devices will require Bluetooth capabilities in order to connect to the Ergoapt Groove Keyboard
    • Bluetooth devices must support external keyboards
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Travel pouch
Width: 291mm
Depth: 174mm
Height: 16mm
Groove depth: 13mm
Weight: 700grams

Compatible systems

Windows, Mac, Android

Working distance

Up to 8m

Working time

Up to 30 days off a full charge

Charging time

Approx 2 hours for full charge

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