Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training Perth

National worker’s compensation statistics indicate that one third of all occupational injuries in Australia happen during manual handling tasks. Manual Handling training and education is an effective way to reduce the prevalence of these injuries.

What does Bodysmart Manual Handling Training involve?

  • One of our experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapists attends your site and provides training for your team in a meeting room or board room
  • The sessions incorporate both a theory and practical component
  • All sessions are interactive and engaging, whereby participants apply trainingmanual handling techniques perth
  • Bodysmart can incorporate an assessment and issue certificates if required
  • Bodysmart can deliver effective “off the shelf” training or training that is fully customised to your company needs
  • Bodysmart services Perth CBD, Perth metro and regional areas
  • Optional Services:Onsite pre-training visits – to better understand company requirements
    • Onsite risk assessments – we work with your team to reduce injury risk
    • Onsite tool box talks

Why choose Bodysmart for manual handling training?

  • Our trainers are all Occupational Health Physiotherapists experienced in the treatment of Manual Handling injuries
  • All sessions are very interactive and engaging incorporating slides, anatomy props
  • We come to you – all sessions are conducted at your site, in your environment
  • Sessions are billed “per session”, not “per person” which provides better value to your firm
  • Training can by fully customised to your industry and site requirements.

Key benefits of Manual Handling Training to your organisation?

  • Reduction in lost time injuries and sick leave
  • Reduction in Workers Compensation claims
  • Compliance with OH & S legislation
  • Lower insurance premiums and fees associated with claims
  • Increased staff retention and morale
  • Enhanced company profile

Bodysmart Training Options

OPTION 1: “OFF THE SHELF” Manual Handling Training

Bodysmart’s “Off the Shelf” training packages are pre-customised to each industry

  • Manual Handling Training for Office staff
  • Manual Handling Training for Warehouse staff
  • Manual Handling Training for Home and Community Care staff
  • Manual Handling Training for Aged Care staff
  • Manual Handling Training for Teachers & Education Assistant staff

Session options: 60 mins | 90 mins | 2 hrs |3 hrs


OPTION 2: “CUSTOMISED” Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training programs customised to worker’s specific job and task demands will be the most effective form of training. This 4 step process will ensure training addresses any identified risks and hazards unique to your workplace. Key steps:


  • Discussion with key workplace contacts, review injury data, finalise list of tasks for analysis.
  • Confirm project scope, logistics, timeline and establish project budget

STEP 2: SITE VISIT (onsite) occurs 2-4 weeks before training commences

  • Attend site and perform and analyse key manual tasks performed by staff
  • Involves observation, questioning of staff members, taking photos (consent gained), consider workplace injuries etc.


  • Customised training package developed unique to your firm requirements


  • Fully interactive and customised training package delivered to team within their work environment.

Contact our team on (08) 9481 8708 today. We will tailor a manual handling training program to your needs and budget.