Evoluent Mouse  – Product Review

Evoluent Mouse – Product Review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Evoluent Mouse

Evoluent vertical mouseMany of our patients use their mouse for extended periods of day and don’t give too much thought to the type of mouse they are using and the mouse position. Long hours of computer use can lead to overuse and repetitive strain injuries to the wrist, forearm, shoulder and neck. The Evoluent Mouse is one of the most popular mice on the market to relieve and prevent RSI, shoulder, wrist, and forearm pain. The Evoluent Mouse is an effective ergonomic aid that helps the user to maintain a good upper body position whilst using the computer.

Arm and bone positioning when using a desk mouse

When using a standard mouse the forearm is placed in a twisted position for extended periods of time. Not only does this place strain on the bones and muscles of the wrist, forearm and hand, it can also negatively alter the position of the shoulder blade and cause tightness of the shoulder muscles.

Using a standard mouse can also cause the user to rest their wrist on the desk surface exposing the carpal tunnel (underside of the wrist/ forearm) to compressive stress. This can lead to repetitive strain through the wrist and forearm.

The Evoluent Mouse is  referred to as a vertical mouse  due to the upright orientation. This supports the users arm in a neutral position so muscles and tendons are not twisted and the elbow can be  kept at its optimal position. It is shaped for comfort and contours to the hand. When using  this mouse it forces the user to move the mouse with the shoulder rather than the wrist. This  helps to minimise the strain through the wrist  and forearm as well as encouraging blood  circulation.

The Evoluent Mouse is available in two sizes for the right hand (a small and standard size) to cater for individuals with smaller or larger hands in a wired or wireless version. For those users who mouse with the left hand, a wired standard left hand version of this mouse is available.

Purchase of these products may be made online:Evoluent vertical mouse

If you are interested in purchasing the Evoluent Mouse or are keen to find out more on this great product please feel free to stop in at Bodysmart Health Centre located at Level 3, 220 St Georges Terrace, Perth and our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

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