5 Reasons to Lose Weight for Your Health

5 Reasons to Lose Weight for Your Health

What are 5 reasons to lose weight for a healthy lifestyle?

Wanting to find reasons to lose weight for your health? Everyone has their reasons for wanting to lose weight. It is important to understand and remind yourself of those reasons all throughout your weight loss journey. However, here is a list of other very important reasons to lose those excess kilos!

  1. Reduced risk of chronic disease: To get the more confronting reasons out of the way, losing weight can reduce your risk of chronic diseases that can shorten your life span such as heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.
  1. Less risk of osteoarthritis: A disease not just associated with old age. Excess weight gain increases the risk of osteoarthritis. This can lead to joint pain and muscle weakness making moving around doing exercise or even daily tasks hard to do.
  1. Stronger immune system: Fat is an active organ and can send hormones and cell signalling molecules (cytokines) throughout the body. Too much fat can release many immune chemicals that over time can impact your body’s response to infections. So, in short, losing body fat can lead to a more responsive and stronger immune system potentially resulting in less colds and fewer infections to tackle.
  1. A better night’s sleep: Excess weight gain can lead to a difficulty in breathing. This is due to several reasons including increased weight on the lungs constricting space for movement, and increased fat in nasal airways making the airways prone to collapsing. The resulting lack of sleep can impact metabolic health as it can lead to rapid cell aging, hormonal disruption, and increased risk of chronic disease independent of weight gain.
  1. Improve that mood: Weight gain can cause issues of low self-esteem, depression and low confidence. Losing weight will allow you to gain more confidence and take back control of your life.


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Liana Nici

Dietitian (MDiet, APD)

Sports Dietitian (AccSD)

Nutritionist (BSc Nutrition)

Liana has extensive experience and a special interest in general, clinical and sports related health and nutrition.  Striving to find the balance between life, food and fitness lead Liana to find her passion for helping others establish their balance as well as a positive relationship between food and health.